Westwood, MA

Westwood Cottage

The existing 860 sq.ft. cottage was built in 1925 on a small lot with tight conservation and zoning constraints. The owner wished to enlarge the house to provide adequate space for family gatherings, elderly parents, and a home office. She also wanted to update the house and make it more energy-efficient, while preserving its essential cottage character and the best features of the surrounding site, all on a tight budget.

Our design provides a flexible floor plan shaped by the site constraints, doubling the square footage, widening the first floor, and adding a second story and a basement. The new plan provides 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and features views toward forested land to the north and east. Energy efficiency was addressed with the installation of new insulation and careful air-sealing of the building envelope, a new energy-efficient boiler and indirect water heater, and a central ventilation system with heat recovery. Customizing factory-built cabinetry for the kitchen and living room built-ins supplemented the underlying economy achieved by keeping the house size modest.